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Our partners help our hackathons become a reality. At Hacklabs we are always welcoming new partnerships and proposals to create new hackathons together. We have developed different types of partnerships and sponsorships to work together with companies depending on their interests. If you are interested in working with us, being part of an event as a sponsor, organizing a hackathon for your company or even one for your employees; you came to the right place!

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At Hacklabs we focus on quid pro quo relationships, in other words, we want to make sure we grow together with our partners. We have designed different levels of mutual contribution so both parties can be the happiest at all times. Reach out to us to know more details about becoming a partner or a sponsor for one of our events. You are just one click away from being part of a great event!


These amazing people want to share with you their Hacklabs-Experience

Brilliant solutions and inspiring conversations

"I really enjoyed supporting the AI for sustainability hackathon as a mentor. Seeing so many brilliant solutions, along with all the inspiring conversations, I am convinced that AI is one ingredient for paving the way to a more sustainable future. Thanks to Hacklabs and Sustainista for organizing this great event!"

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Dr. Martin Berninger
Head of Data Science @ d-Fine

The energy and enthusiasm were palpable!

"The AI for Sustainability hackathon was a great event that brought together young talents with diverse backgrounds to work and innovate together. From the moment I arrived, the energy and enthusiasm were palpable. The organizers created an environment that fostered collaboration, creativity, and a true sense of community."

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Andrea Bertl
Managing Director @ ePunkt